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I miss my Grandma :-(

My grandmother was truely a wonderful person. She died some years ago, while I was still a very very young boy. I think I was like 7 years old. She was the perfect person to go talk to whenever I would feel sad or alone. She would always cuddle me/hug me, make me some food and tell me that everything would be fine eventually, with time. And that I should believe that she would always look after me. Finally, she would always tell me a story, too. She made up the stories herself, FYI. They were beautiful. She was beautiful.. My grandparents' house and garden was beautiful. I miss that.. Having somewhere to go when I feel lost, left behind and lonely. I miss the comfort and the feeling of safety and the faith my grandma used to give me. Its horrible being left behind by such a wonderful person, meaning soo much to me. I know I was young, so I didn't really know her that well, but I actually remember ALOT about her, and all my memories are beautiful, except for the memory of her death.. And she was still in her 60's.. soo young.. soo unfair. I can't stop thinking about how much better and brighter my life would be if she was still around to cheer me on and comfort me.. Its hard having to deal with life on my own :'-( I hope there is a God and a heaven with peace, where I one day can be with my grandma again, sitting by a river talking about memories and feeling the smell of spring and berries.
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