Angel (purfectangel17) wrote in griefrecovery,

Today is....

My nephew would have turned 20 today. Makes me sad to think of how young he was when he was taken off the earth. I called my brother today and he didn't seem to be in bad spirits but he wasn't home alone yet either. I worry a lot about him. I don't know what I would do if I lost a child. I know he feels that in someway it is his fault, when it isn't. I would probably feel the same way. I really miss my nephew even though I didn't see him all the time, like I did when he was little. He was a big part of my life and more like a little brother since we were only 7 years apart in age. I find little things all the time and it makes me remember some of the memories that we had together. I guess that makes him still alive in my heart, which he will always be. I can't help but to play that last Christmas day that we shared over in my head. It is amazing how clear that day is to me since it has been almost 2 years ago.

Happy Birthday Randy, even if you are here with us to celebrate!
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